Steam Trap Insulation Blanket
Steam Trap Insulation Blanket
Steam Trap Insulation Blanket
Steam Trap Insulation Blanket

Steam Trap Insulation Blanket

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Product Description

Our box type removable insulation jackets for steam traps can help you save significant amounts of energy and protect your employees from workplace accidents.

The surfaces of steam traps typically get quite hot, and radiate away valuable heat. For example, a small typical 1” un-insulated steam trap station loses more than $ 200.00 per year in wasted energy. The steam trap portion of this station usually accounts for 40%-50% of the trap station loss.

Furthermore, if the steam trap is extremely hot it may pose a safety hazard if left completely uncovered. While not every type of steam trap can be insulated the same way, or at all, insulation remains a no-brainer for many steam traps. However, more often than not, steam traps that could be insulated simply never are, and needlessly waste energy as a result.

Thermaxx box type insulation blankets fit many common inverted bucket and float and thermostatic steam trap models from leading manufacturers including:

  • Armstrong
  • Spirax Sarco
  • Hoffman
  • Barnes & Jones
  • and more

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    Convenient: Our insulation jackets are extremely easy to remove and replace so that maintenance personal can easily and quickly inspect the steam traps.  These jackets come with velcro and d-ring closures as well as seal flaps to adhere the jacket to adjacent insulation.

    Cost effective: Our standard steam trap insulation jackets are available with your choice 1″-2″ insulation thicknesses to accommodate temperatures up to 6000F. We also are equipped to handle custom jobs for extreme temperatures. Thermaxx will provide exactly what you need to ensure that you get your money’s worth–the first time.

    High Quality: We take pride in the quality of our insulation jackets and painstakingly create them for maximum efficiency and durability. 

    Thermaxx Guarantee: Our jackets are backed by a 5-year warranty!

    Technical Specifications

    Component Steam Trap
    Temperature Range 0 - 299°F
    Approx. R Value
    Jacket Material Silicone Fiberglass Composite Jacketing
    Insulation Material Needled Fiberglass
    Thread Material Kevlar
    Fasteners Nylon with D-Rings, Hook & Loop
    Length Range
    Width Range
    Height Range
    Incoming Pipe Sizes 1/2" to 2 1/2"
    Jacket Thickness
    Color Gray


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