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WeatherMaxx Cover

WeatherMaxx Cover

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The Thermaxx WeatherMaxx Cover is a heavy-duty, convenient, & cost-effective weatherproof protective cover designed to shield actuators, water valves, gas meters, water meters, electrical equipment, and other important outdoor components from the harsh elements.

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Use the WeatherMaxx Cover to protect your:

  • actuators, pneumatic or electric
  • water valves
  • electric box cover
  • gas meters
  • water meters
  • outdoor electrical components
  • and many more!

WeatherMaXX covers are commonly used on actuators or other equipment that can be damaged by rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail or harmful UV rays. Many manufacturers supply a “weather cover” for their actuators that are greatly affected by UV rays and break down over time rendering them useless.

WeatherMaxx Cover Styles

WeatherMaxx Covers are available in many styles, fitting round or box components. Cover measurements are listed in each style name, using the dimensions pictured (below).

Example: WMAXX-10D×10H
Diameter: 10" | Height: 10"